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Nature’s combination of strength and character -LBC's Fresh Sawn Oak Beams are utilized for many types of projects such as framing, restoration, roofing, general building applications and landscaping. Used where some movement and shrinkage will be tolerated. The timber will dry slowly in service as it adjusts naturally to the ambient moisture levels. Visual strength grade D30 is often required by and structural engineers, see French Grading Sheet download on Specifications Page. LBC Fresh Sawn Oak can be cut to any size or length up to 13 metres. Certain types of applications are more suited to certain grades than others.

  • Lengths available - from 500mm up to 13 metres
  • Widths available - up to 600mm
  • Thickness available - up to 600mm
  • Moisture - 40-70%
  • Weight approx. 1 tonne equals 1 cubic metre

Grades Available - 4

See also Beams in the French Grading Sheet download, on Specifications Page




Sleeper Grade

Fresh Sawn Oak Beams | QPA Fresh Sawn Oak Beams | QP1 Fresh Sawn Oak Beams | QP2 Fresh Sawn Oak Beams | Sleeper
Fresh Sawn Oak Beams | Planed or Sawn Fresh Sawn Oak Beams | Planed or Sawn Fresh Sawn Oak Beams | Planed or Sawn Fresh Sawn Oak Beams | Planed or Sawn

Air Dried (Seasoned) Oak Beams

LBC's Air Dried Oak Beams have similar uses to Green Oak as in framing and restoration, with the advantage they can be fitted in more sensitive situations where movement and shrinkage must be kept to a minimum. The beams are dried in square sections for 1-4 years and re-sawn to different sizes if necessary. Air Dried Beams can be particularly appropriate if an aged or weathered look is desired. Visual strength grading is also available for air dried - see French Grading Sheet.

  • Lengths available - from 500mm up to 10 metres
  • Widths available - up to 400mm
  • Thickness available - up to 400mm
  • Moisture - 30-50%
  • Weight approx. .8 of a tonne per cubic metre

Grades Available - Ungraded

(Seasoned) Beams are an ungraded production, often exposed to the elements during the drying process. Therefore the beams will contain natural defects such as knots, sap pockets etc, along with drying splits & fissures, all of which can be of substantial size. These are natural to the product, therefore are not defective unless structurally damaging/challenging.


Fresh Sawn Oak Beams | QB1A Prime


  • Planed All Round
  • Sawn to Size
  • Pyramid Tops
  • FSC & PEFC Chain of Custody Certification
  • Visual Strength Grading


"This completed oak project is just what I had envisaged.". Gary - February 2015

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