"Waste Not, Want Knot"

Joinery Oak Timber

As European Oak Specialists we have a large variety of oak stock and can fulfil almost all the possible market requirements in solid oak for Kiln Dried and Air Dried:- Long lengths, wide widths, in addition to standard size stock.

Prime and character, rustic grades available, to fulfil requirements for those that do and don’t want character.

How LBC can fulfil customer requirements:-

Whole pack and individual pieces picked to match a customer’s cutting list.

Our picking to order facility means that wastage is being kept to a minimum. Because we have large stock this means we have a large range to choose from to match the size and grade requirements.

What this means for our customers is that we can usually fulfil their requirements and keep within their budget.

We need to know what our oak will be used for...

We also need to know what our oak will eventually be used for, as this helps us with appropriate selection from our stock and so we can give the appropriate advice.

We offer basic manufacturing operations as in Sawn to Size and PAR. For detailed joinery items, as in windows, doors, stairs etc we supply many joinery manufacturers and joinery contractors, especially in the North West and Wales. Thereby if you require this service we can suggest a number of these companies, for you to contact them directly.